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Post Payment Verification (PPV)

Anyone that provides NHS sight tests under General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) should be following the NHS regulations which includes following the minimum sight test intervals, checking that a patient is eligible and claiming voucher values correctly amongst others.

The NHS can and will, from time to time, carry out a PPV process on a practice to verify the accuracy of the claims made. Any monies that are deemed to be claimed inappropriately can be claimed back from the practice.

Usually, this process involves sending a number of records of sight tests to the NHS for their inspection. They may ask for additional information or justification for claims such as why a sight test was carried out earlier than the minimum interval or why a tint has been claimed on a voucher.

The process is designed to be non-confrontational and also to help practices tighten up on their GOS procedures. 

The process can feel lengthy, onerous and stressful for some. If you need advice. your LOC can help, contact Stuart Burdett at:

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