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Wellbeing Support for Worcestershire Optical Practices

Dear all,
Worcestershire Optical Practices are being offered FREE Wellbeing Support available to ALL colleagues working within Primary Care in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.
The Wellbeing Team would appreciate it if you can distribute this information within your own communication channels, to reach as many Primary Care colleagues as possible.

Please see a link to video from Harps, our LOC Chair, about a great Wellbeing Pilot Project that is giving access to free resources (yes, you read that right, FREE resources!) to Optical staff...    (--->)
If a video isn't your thing, please see the below document outlining the resources available.
Many thanks,

Your Worcestershire LOC

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Wellbeing Comms - 26/04/2022

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Wellbeing Comms - 28/02/2022

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Wellbeing Comms - 10/02/2022

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Care First Poster

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Wellbeing Room Grants Flyer

Mentorship for Optical Staff in Worcesteshire

Dear all,
Optometrists and colleagues working in practices within Worcestershire, are being offered an exciting new opportunity to be mentored by trained mentors for FREE. This initiative has been rolled out amongst GP's nationwide with great success, and its now our turn!
We are not offering this free service to just Optometrists, but everyone who works in a Worcestershire Optical Practice. Do you feel like you need advice, support and guidance? Because we are here to help. Please contact the LOC if you are interested.

This Mentoring programme offers business owners, practitioners', and fellow colleagues a great opportunity to be heard.

Do you need guidance? Are you newly-qualified and worried to take on those first steps yourself? Do you need confidential advice, but want to speak to someone who doesn't work at your practice? Then this would be perfect for you!

Many thanks,

Your Worcestershire LOC

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