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Welcome to the Worcestershire LOC website

The Worcestershire LOC is made up of local practitioners and contractors who are interested in representing and supporting local contractors to the NHS. The committee organises events, represents contractors and negotiates with the CCG for new contracts. All members of the committee have a role to play. Many have regular meetings with NHS officers, while others disseminate information to the community.

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Latest LOC Monthly Update

Electronic Eye Care Referral System (EeRS) is coming Worcestershire!  For further information click the link below. We are also going to update the county on the new system via a CPD event very soon!


New Referral Pathway affecting all worcestershire practices. CHEC to replace Operose services.

Worcestershire Acute Trust - Cataract waiting times

Professional Certificate Funding

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The Worcestershire LOC in 2022 have funded the Professional Certificate in Glaucoma for Worcestershire practising optometrists.

This year the LOC are pleased to announce that we have got places on the Medical Retina course from City University please see the form attached about applying.

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